Macedonian Society Of Physiotherapists

Светски ден на физиотерапевтите 8ми септември 2020 -World PT Day 2020

Joining physiotherapists around the world, the Macedonian Society of Physiotherapists celebrated World PT Day 2020.

According to the situation with the pandemic and the protocols for the prevention of the spread of the virus, this year 8 September was not celebrated with a gathering of physiotherapist members, but was through online communications and sending this year’s materials.

This year, for the first time in collaboration with World Physiotherapy, the Macedonian Society of Physiotherapists officially translated the infographics, posters and flyers with the campaign message “Rehabilitation and COVID-19” for our colleagues in Macedonia.

Тhe vice president of the society, Nikodin Veljanoski, visited physiotherapists in the largest Covid-19 centre in the country, where he met with the lead physiotherapist to discuss the principle of work and physiotherapy techniques, as well as their experiences of the pandemic. The translated materials were also distributed and promoted and were placed in several locations throughout the hospitals in Macedonia.

The Society hopes that next year it will be able to celebrate this day together with other physiotherapist colleagues.