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Zensegrity Dry Needling

Zensegrity Dry needling course

In this course the participant will learn about the use of dry-needling in musculo-skeletal
The application of needles can be used directly into the trigger-points of muscles, can be
used for tendon-insertions and on peripheral nerves as well as on spinal-nerves.
The course outlines the history of dry-needling with its inventors Simons/Travell/Lewit and
where it is different to acupuncture. Next the participant will learn about hygiene-
protocols. National, international and special guidelines will be investigated and
The participants will be informed on the handling of the needles, their disposal, and their
Most common musculoskeletal indications will be shown and replicated by the
After this course the participant will be able to apply the needling immediately and
transfer the learned knowledge to other indications as well.
This course will only be taught by Alen Lilic and Christoph Stumpf


29 - 31 Мај 2020


15:00 - 12:00

Локално Време

  • Временска Зона: America/New_York
  • Дата: 29 - 31 Мај 2020
  • Време: 09:00 - 06:00


Skopje Skopje Republic of Macedonia 1000
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